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 2020 Volunteering at Pillar Care Continuum, Livingston, NJ

Members of Ankit Memorial Foundation celebrated Ankit’s 30th birthday by volunteering at Pillar Elementary School. The school is located in Livingston, NJ and its mission is to provide educational environment to students with a wide range of disabilities. Volunteers assisted students with an art project depicting the four seasons. Students had a blast working with various mediums such as table salt, water and pastel crayons to create their masterpieces. It was a rewarding and learning experience for all the volunteers.The volunteers were gratified by the students’ enthusiasm and excitement.


Ankit Goyal Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony for Public Forum Debate at Bridgewater Raritan High School

2019-20 academic year virtual graduation and award ceremony at BRHS was held on June 23, 2020. This ceremony was telecasted live on YouTube. Ankit's friends and family joined to make this a memorable event. The winner for this academic year is Aryan Jain.
Thank you note from Aryan Jain
“ I was disheartened to learn about your son’s death, knowing he too was a great leader. Hopefully, as I try to carry on his legacy, this scholarship serves as a way to symbolize how far I've come, but also how much I have yet to learn. Continuing my education at NYU, I promise to continue to project my voice and attempt to make a difference in today's unprecedented political and social environment. I would like to thank you for this award and believing that I too can make a change.”

2020-21 academic year award ceremony at BRHS was held on June 23, 2021. Anita awarded the scholarship check to the winner Ananya Natchukuri 
Thank you note from Ananya Natchukuri
“ I wanted to reach out to you to express my immense gratitude both for your generosity and for believing in my potential to create positive change. Since I received this award, I've taken the time to learn more about your son. I was inspired to learn about Ankit's unwavering dedication towards his community, whether it was by tutoring children in his community or working to rebuild impoverished neighborhoods. Learning that his passion to serve others stemmed from his experiences on the debate team has further empowered me to use the skills I've learned through this activity to challenge the status quo. Ankit's story reminded me of the importance of debate, not only as an extracurricular activity, but also as a space that is critical to fostering the future activists, change-makers, and community members that our society currently needs. As I continue with my education at Barnard College and Columbia University, I hope to use his legacy as a driving force behind the aspirations for my future goals and as a constant reminder to use my platform to uplift those around me. Thank you so much once again for your support!.”
Ankit Goyal scholarship 2020.png

2019-20 scholarship award virtual ceremony being watched by Ankit's  schoolmates (donors)

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2020-21 scholarship award ceremony. Anita presenting check to Ananya, award recipient

Visit to IIMPACT Learning Center by a Board Member

Foundation board member distributed school bags, masks and water bottles to girls at learning centers

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