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Current Projects

Two IIMPACT Learning Centers Providing Primary Education to 62 Girls

     1. Village Daulatpur / urf Budhwashaheed 

         District Haridwar, Uttarakhand,  India

2. Village Gordhanpura

    District Alwar, Block Rajgarh, Rajasthan, India

Ankit Memorial Foundation is currently supporting two center for IIMPACT, an NGO for girls education in India. These centers aim at providing educational opportunity to girls, from socially and economically disadvantaged communities of India, who traditionally have poor access to schooling. IIMPACT focuses on educational intervention for young girls aged 6 to 14 in the remote rural areas of India. Community based schools, known as learning centers are created within their villages to compliment the girls’ formal schooling and offer access to quality education. A majority of the girls continue with their secondary education after completing their class V exams and passing out of the program. A key to their success is the extensive involvement of the village community within the girls schooling. Local communities provide and develop the infrastructure for learning centers and monitor the center’s day to day activities. This helps establish the community as an ally and vested partner in the girls’ education. 

girls pic.JPG

Students at the IIMPACT Center

The Foundation is supporting center near Haridwar since 2019 and added new center near Alwar starting 2021.  Funds for food relief were also provided to families of girl students during Covid-19. 

Public Forum Debate Scholarship

Starting 2019-2020 academic year, the foundation awards scholarship to one senior student at Bridgewater Raritan High School. Applicants are required to have participated in public forum debate for a minimum of 2 years and be enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution. Additionally, students should submit a 500 word essay detailing the impact of public forum debate on their life.


The winner of 2019-20 academic year scholarship was Aryan Jain for $700.

The winner of 2020-21 academic year scholarship was Ananya Natchukuri for $800

Sponsorship for 2 High School Students at Shanti Bhawan's Children Project near Bengaluru, India

Starting 2021-22, the foundation is supporting full cost of boarding, lodging and education for 2 high school kids (one boy and one girl) at Shanti Bhawan. The girl is in 10th grade and the boy is in 11th grade pursuing high academic goals.

This non profit organization empowers children from impoverished background starting from age of 4 until they graduate from high school. Children at Shanti Bhawan are taught to strive for academic excellence, engaged in leadership development and nurtured with global values of integrity, generosity and compassion to become responsible citizens. A testament to their praiseworthy work is apparent in the Netflix series "Daughters of Destiny"

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