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Future Projects

Ankit Memorial Foundation continues to look for new ways to educate and empower kids. The following projects reflect these aspirations. Check back periodically to see updates on these projects.

Sponsors are welcome

1. Improvements at current IIMPACT centers in India

We hope to facilitate additional learning by funding the following support programs at our learning centers in India.


  • Jodo Gyan- Helps strengthen mathematical concepts in an interesting and enjoyable manner, allowing them to learn through play

  •  Library Books- These set of storybooks are provided to girls to captivate, engage, and encourage them to discover the joy of reading. Books are based on the level thereby making it easier for all to read and understand.

  • Agastya EVS Experiential Learning - 30 EVS and science concepts are explained through a customized kit that allows children to do have hands-on experience through activities. Activity-based learning ensures children learn by doing experiments/ activities themselves.​


    Cost: $ 400 per learning center

2. Support more  learning centers in India

IIMPACT has identified need for new centers in India. Some regions are home to tribal communities living on the periphery of villages. Poverty is prevalent and opportunities for girl's education are scarce.

   Cost: $1700 per year providing primary education for 30 girls.

3. Support more students at Shanti Bhawan, India

Shanti Bhawan is doing a phenomenal work in providing education to most impoverished children in India since 1997.    


   Cost $1850 per student per year for boarding, lodging and education

4. Fund new scholarships for extracurricular activities

The Foundation aims to provide financial support to individuals, groups and institutions whose interests and goals align with the Foundation's mission statement. The main focus is to promote a range of activities related to public forum debate, music, comedy, sports and outdoor activities.  

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